S1: Factory-produced and prepared Competition Jaguars, Factory-sponsored Competition and Limited Production Jaguars Note 1

S2: Production Jaguars privately prepared and modified for competition Note 2

S3: Modified Note 3

S4: Replica (non-production, Jaguar powered) Note 4

Note 1: Class S1 includes:

a. Ex-works XK 120s, C-Types, D-Types, XK-SS or E-Types

b. Jaguar automobiles prepared for competition by persons recognized professional race organizations (2010 AGM) operating independently of the factory or by Jaguar Cars sponsored teams, including Jaguar powered variants such as those built by Coombs-Jaguar, Cooper-Jaguar, Ecurie Ecosse, Lister-Jaguar, Group 44, Tojeiro-Jaguar, TWR, or JaguarSport, etc.

c. Factory race-prepared XJ220s

d. Standard XKSS and XJ220s (as Limited Production)

Note 2: Class S2

To be eligible for Class S2, each Entrant must present the Chief Judge at least one of the following:

a. Documented race history for the Entry, or

b. Proof that the Entry meets and has passed the existing track and safety requirements of a currently recognized road-race sanctioning body, such as FIA, SCCA, etc.

Note 3: Class S3

a. This Class is for production Jaguar vehicles of any year and model that have been substantially personalized, modified, or customized. Entries must be equipped with functional horns, headlights, taillights, brake lights, parking lights, license plate lights, back-up lights and turn signals appropriate to the vintage.

b. To be eligible for Class S3, the Entry must clearly have a minimum of 35 points of deductions for non-authentic, judged items. Those deductions may NOT include the tire, wheel, or radio authenticity exceptions currently allowed in Driven Division (Section 3.A.1). The Entrant (using the appropriate form available in the "Concours" section of www.jcna.com) must provide a list of the non-authentic items to the Chief Judge well in advance of the scheduled start of judging.

c. Daimler Exception: Jaguar powered production Daimlers (such as the DS420 Limousine) that are not eligible for any other JCNA class, are eligible for entry in Class S3 without listing non-authentic items.

Note 4: Class S4:

Replicas must appear to be an accurate reproduction of the original model Jaguar they replicate.