Jaguar Clubs of North America Official Division of Classes

(Refer to JCNA 2013 Concours Rule Book for full details)


Champion Division General Spirit

Champion Division is the most demanding JCNA Concours Division. It challenges its Entrants to research, prepare, and present the judged portions of their cars in their original, authentic, factory-delivered configuration, and condition. (See Chapter VI for allowable exceptions.) All Entries in Champion Division will have their interiors, exteriors, engine compartments, and boots judged for authenticity, condition, and cleanliness.


Driven Division General Spirit

As in the Champion Division, Driven Division also challenges its Entrants to research prepare, and present their Entries in their original, authentic, factory-delivered configuration and condition. However, Driven Division is for Jaguars that, regardless of age, are in regular use. In consideration of this usage, Driven Division Entries do not have their engine compartments or boots judged and certain convenience and safety-related authenticity exceptions are allowed. The exteriors and interiors of Driven Division Entries are judged to the same standard as Champion Division. Driven Division Entries are encouraged to be driven under their own power from their normal place of garaging to the concours site and return. Towing or trailering is allowed for 35-year and older Entries. Because the Entries in this division are driven, the requirements are less demanding and only their interiors and exteriors are judged for authenticity, condition, and cleanliness.


Special Division General Spirit

Special Division is intended for factory and non-factory-prepared competition and limited production Jaguars; production Jaguars privately prepared for competition; modified production Jaguars, and Jaguar powered vehicles with replica Jaguar bodies. The interior, exterior, engine compartment, and boot of Special Division Entries are judged only for condition and cleanliness, NOT for authenticity.


Any make, model or year car may be entered into the Display Division. "Display-only" is not an official JCNA Concours Division.